Air Rage and

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Airline Crewmembers Needed

My new survey website is up and running at:

Airline pilots, flight attendants, and passengers: Have a look at that website!  I am encouraging everyone to help out by taking 10 minutes to complete the survey and pass the website address along to colleagues.

The current research project involves the topic of airline passenger misconduct or “air rage.”

Incidents of violence, threats, and other types of misconduct regularly appear in news headlines.  However, there is very little data available about the overall frequency and severity of these problems.

In particular, there has never before been a large-scale survey or collection of searchable data from pilots about their duties and experiences relating to air rage.  Using the Internet to survey as many airline crewmembers and passengers as possible, I hope to compile new statistics and learn more about this phenomenon and its impact on aviation.

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