Robert Chapin at the US Aviation Academy.

A photo to send home, from KGYI, October 2013.

A successful career move happened since my last post.  I am now the newest flight instructor at US Aviation Academy based on the North Texas Regional Airport!

Leading up to this development, my commencement ceremony at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) was in April, followed by my official flight instructor course completion in June, and my official graduation in August.

Between June and August, I used my time to obtain the flight instructor instrument airplane rating, which I was advised was “the most important job qualification for a pilot.”  The so-called CFII was not a degree requirement at EMU, but now I have to agree with the advice.  I would not have this job today without a CFII certificate in my pocket.

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Introducing CaptainsLog.aero

Robert Chapin in the left seat of a Boeing 777 cockpit.

Touring a Boeing 777 in Detroit, December 2012.

Welcome to my new website!  This project will focus on the topics and the professional changes that are more relevant to me today.

I have several goals and projects outlined for CaptainsLog.aero:

  • Articles from before today were moved here to this new website.
  • My prog. chart archive now resides here.
  • The new domain name is a better fit and easy to remember.
  • New articles will be aviation themed and posted to the front page at least monthly.
  • I will put more emphasis on professional networking and writing comments on aviation blogs.
  • My research fellowship will result in an online survey study, which will be available through another new website, to be announced in February.
  • I will add more personal articles about my experiences in flight training, university life, and career track progress.

You may bookmark and subscribe to this website for reminders to check back soon.  Thank you for reading!