CFIT Training Aid

Controlled Flight Into Terrain Education and Training AidControlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) prevention is one of the main topics of Single-pilot Resource Management (SRM).  As a pilot, I do want to avoid flying into terrain!  I also enjoy studying any aspect of aviation.  Sometimes this means tracking down an obscure publication, and I do enjoy that challenge as well.

I found several mentions of a document named Controlled Flight Into Terrain Education and Training Aid from around 1996.  However, something has gone buggy in the FAA website, and there is no obvious way to find the document.  It looks like someone copied an old CD-ROM to the website and expected it to work without any modernization.

As a service to the aviation community, I have painstakingly reverse-engineered, scraped, edited, and re-assembled the more than 500 individual files to create an easy-to-download version on a single link.

PDF Icon CFIT Training Aid (40 MB)

Important note: The original document was approximately 914 pages long and I have been unable to find at least nine of those pages.  I am also missing the original video.

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  1. I cannot download the CFIT Training Aid for some reason. Is it just me? The FAA mentions this document in its AC but I cannot find it anywhere on the internet. Does anyone know why?

    1. Hi Marketa, if your web browser is unable to open my link from above, please instead try saving it to your computer first. Right-click on the link and save it, then open the saved file. Enjoy!

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