Surface Analysis

Robert Chapin

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These are the prog-style surface analysis charts that are currently available online from my prog charts archive.  Click any entry in the Issued Date column to see the desired chart image.

Issued DateValid Date
07/13/2017 at 1632z07/13/2017 at 15z
07/13/2017 at 1330z07/13/2017 at 12z
07/13/2017 at 1018z07/13/2017 at 09z
07/13/2017 at 0717z07/13/2017 at 06z
07/13/2017 at 0424z07/13/2017 at 03z
07/13/2017 at 0129z07/13/2017 at 00z
07/12/2017 at 2226z07/12/2017 at 21z
07/12/2017 at 1922z07/12/2017 at 18z
07/12/2017 at 1622z07/12/2017 at 15z
07/12/2017 at 1332z07/12/2017 at 12z
07/12/2017 at 1021z07/12/2017 at 09z
07/12/2017 at 0729z07/12/2017 at 06z
07/12/2017 at 0427z07/12/2017 at 03z
07/12/2017 at 0135z07/12/2017 at 00z
07/11/2017 at 2225z07/11/2017 at 21z
07/11/2017 at 1930z07/11/2017 at 18z
07/11/2017 at 1629z07/11/2017 at 15z
07/11/2017 at 1331z07/11/2017 at 12z
07/11/2017 at 1030z07/11/2017 at 09z
07/11/2017 at 0730z07/11/2017 at 06z
07/11/2017 at 0434z07/11/2017 at 03z
07/11/2017 at 0130z07/11/2017 at 00z
07/10/2017 at 2244z07/10/2017 at 21z
07/10/2017 at 1937z07/10/2017 at 18z
07/10/2017 at 1638z07/10/2017 at 15z
07/10/2017 at 1333z07/10/2017 at 12z
07/10/2017 at 1029z07/10/2017 at 09z
07/10/2017 at 0729z07/10/2017 at 06z
07/10/2017 at 0429z07/10/2017 at 03z
07/10/2017 at 0136z07/10/2017 at 00z
07/09/2017 at 2235z07/09/2017 at 21z
07/09/2017 at 1931z07/09/2017 at 18z
07/09/2017 at 1626z07/09/2017 at 15z
07/09/2017 at 1330z07/09/2017 at 12z
07/09/2017 at 1039z07/09/2017 at 09z
07/09/2017 at 0730z07/09/2017 at 06z
07/09/2017 at 0430z07/09/2017 at 03z
07/09/2017 at 0132z07/09/2017 at 00z
07/08/2017 at 2236z07/08/2017 at 21z
07/08/2017 at 1931z07/08/2017 at 18z
07/08/2017 at 1641z07/08/2017 at 15z
07/08/2017 at 1330z07/08/2017 at 12z
07/08/2017 at 1027z07/08/2017 at 09z
07/08/2017 at 0734z07/08/2017 at 06z
07/08/2017 at 0430z07/08/2017 at 03z
07/08/2017 at 0131z07/08/2017 at 00z
07/07/2017 at 2214z07/07/2017 at 21z
07/07/2017 at 1921z07/07/2017 at 18z
07/07/2017 at 1614z07/07/2017 at 15z
07/07/2017 at 1331z07/07/2017 at 12z
07/07/2017 at 1030z07/07/2017 at 09z
07/07/2017 at 0730z07/07/2017 at 06z
07/07/2017 at 0444z07/07/2017 at 03z
07/07/2017 at 0138z07/07/2017 at 00z
07/06/2017 at 2221z07/06/2017 at 21z
07/06/2017 at 1924z07/06/2017 at 18z
07/06/2017 at 1632z07/06/2017 at 15z
07/06/2017 at 1327z07/06/2017 at 12z
07/06/2017 at 1028z07/06/2017 at 09z
07/06/2017 at 0732z07/06/2017 at 06z
07/06/2017 at 0429z07/06/2017 at 03z
07/06/2017 at 0139z07/06/2017 at 00z
07/05/2017 at 2233z07/05/2017 at 21z
07/05/2017 at 1930z07/05/2017 at 18z
07/05/2017 at 1631z07/05/2017 at 15z
07/05/2017 at 1327z07/05/2017 at 12z
07/05/2017 at 1024z07/05/2017 at 09z
07/05/2017 at 0731z07/05/2017 at 06z
07/05/2017 at 0427z07/05/2017 at 03z
07/05/2017 at 0151z07/05/2017 at 00z
07/04/2017 at 2226z07/04/2017 at 21z
07/04/2017 at 1931z07/04/2017 at 18z
07/04/2017 at 1633z07/04/2017 at 15z
07/04/2017 at 1331z07/04/2017 at 12z
07/04/2017 at 1029z07/04/2017 at 09z
07/04/2017 at 0730z07/04/2017 at 06z
07/04/2017 at 0427z07/04/2017 at 03z
07/04/2017 at 0145z07/04/2017 at 00z
07/03/2017 at 2228z07/03/2017 at 21z
07/03/2017 at 1927z07/03/2017 at 18z
07/03/2017 at 1628z07/03/2017 at 15z
07/03/2017 at 1334z07/03/2017 at 12z
07/03/2017 at 1024z07/03/2017 at 09z
07/03/2017 at 0731z07/03/2017 at 06z
07/03/2017 at 0431z07/03/2017 at 03z
07/03/2017 at 0141z07/03/2017 at 00z
07/02/2017 at 2227z07/02/2017 at 21z
07/02/2017 at 1927z07/02/2017 at 18z
07/02/2017 at 1633z07/02/2017 at 15z
07/02/2017 at 1342z07/02/2017 at 12z
07/02/2017 at 1022z07/02/2017 at 09z
07/02/2017 at 0725z07/02/2017 at 06z
07/02/2017 at 0430z07/02/2017 at 03z
07/02/2017 at 0141z07/02/2017 at 00z
07/01/2017 at 2230z07/01/2017 at 21z
07/01/2017 at 1930z07/01/2017 at 18z
07/01/2017 at 1625z07/01/2017 at 15z
07/01/2017 at 1332z07/01/2017 at 12z
07/01/2017 at 1021z07/01/2017 at 09z
07/01/2017 at 0728z07/01/2017 at 06z
07/01/2017 at 0428z07/01/2017 at 03z
07/01/2017 at 0141z07/01/2017 at 00z
06/30/2017 at 2233z06/30/2017 at 21z
06/30/2017 at 1927z06/30/2017 at 18z
06/30/2017 at 1624z06/30/2017 at 15z
06/30/2017 at 1325z06/30/2017 at 12z
06/30/2017 at 1020z06/30/2017 at 09z
06/30/2017 at 0728z06/30/2017 at 06z
06/30/2017 at 0429z06/30/2017 at 03z
06/30/2017 at 0137z06/30/2017 at 00z
06/29/2017 at 2229z06/29/2017 at 21z
06/29/2017 at 1925z06/29/2017 at 18z
06/29/2017 at 1623z06/29/2017 at 15z
06/29/2017 at 1331z06/29/2017 at 12z
06/29/2017 at 1025z06/29/2017 at 09z
06/29/2017 at 0724z06/29/2017 at 06z
06/29/2017 at 0426z06/29/2017 at 03z
06/29/2017 at 0130z06/29/2017 at 00z
06/28/2017 at 2230z06/28/2017 at 21z
06/28/2017 at 1929z06/28/2017 at 18z
06/28/2017 at 1631z06/28/2017 at 15z
06/28/2017 at 1336z06/28/2017 at 12z
06/28/2017 at 0958z06/28/2017 at 09z
06/28/2017 at 0726z06/28/2017 at 06z
06/28/2017 at 0418z06/28/2017 at 03z
06/28/2017 at 0127z06/28/2017 at 00z
06/27/2017 at 2226z06/27/2017 at 21z
06/27/2017 at 1924z06/27/2017 at 18z
06/27/2017 at 1625z06/27/2017 at 15z
06/27/2017 at 1327z06/27/2017 at 12z
06/27/2017 at 1011z06/27/2017 at 09z
06/27/2017 at 0715z06/27/2017 at 06z
06/27/2017 at 0428z06/27/2017 at 03z
06/27/2017 at 0130z06/27/2017 at 00z
06/26/2017 at 2236z06/26/2017 at 21z
06/26/2017 at 1930z06/26/2017 at 18z
06/26/2017 at 1627z06/26/2017 at 15z
06/26/2017 at 1330z06/26/2017 at 12z
06/26/2017 at 1008z06/26/2017 at 09z
06/26/2017 at 0722z06/26/2017 at 06z
06/26/2017 at 0418z06/26/2017 at 03z
06/26/2017 at 0134z06/26/2017 at 00z
06/25/2017 at 2219z06/25/2017 at 21z
06/25/2017 at 1925z06/25/2017 at 18z
06/25/2017 at 1631z06/25/2017 at 15z
06/25/2017 at 1332z06/25/2017 at 12z
06/25/2017 at 1006z06/25/2017 at 09z
06/25/2017 at 0729z06/25/2017 at 06z
06/25/2017 at 0506z06/25/2017 at 03z
06/25/2017 at 0430z06/25/2017 at 03z
06/25/2017 at 0122z06/25/2017 at 00z
06/24/2017 at 2221z06/24/2017 at 21z
06/24/2017 at 1931z06/24/2017 at 18z
06/24/2017 at 1623z06/24/2017 at 15z
06/24/2017 at 1335z06/24/2017 at 12z
06/24/2017 at 1009z06/24/2017 at 09z
06/24/2017 at 0720z06/24/2017 at 06z
06/24/2017 at 0425z06/24/2017 at 03z
06/24/2017 at 0130z06/24/2017 at 00z
06/23/2017 at 2231z06/23/2017 at 21z
06/23/2017 at 1941z06/23/2017 at 18z
06/23/2017 at 1632z06/23/2017 at 15z
06/23/2017 at 1324z06/23/2017 at 12z
06/23/2017 at 1017z06/23/2017 at 09z
06/23/2017 at 0729z06/23/2017 at 06z
06/23/2017 at 0428z06/23/2017 at 03z
06/23/2017 at 0126z06/23/2017 at 00z
06/22/2017 at 2239z06/22/2017 at 21z
06/22/2017 at 1927z06/22/2017 at 18z
06/22/2017 at 1627z06/22/2017 at 15z
06/22/2017 at 1427z06/22/2017 at 12z
06/22/2017 at 1339z06/22/2017 at 12z
06/22/2017 at 1034z06/22/2017 at 09z
06/22/2017 at 0731z06/22/2017 at 06z
06/22/2017 at 0436z06/22/2017 at 03z
06/22/2017 at 0131z06/22/2017 at 00z
06/21/2017 at 2225z06/21/2017 at 21z
06/21/2017 at 1930z06/21/2017 at 18z
06/21/2017 at 1622z06/21/2017 at 15z
06/21/2017 at 1425z06/21/2017 at 12z
06/21/2017 at 1032z06/21/2017 at 09z
06/21/2017 at 0730z06/21/2017 at 06z
06/21/2017 at 0440z06/21/2017 at 03z
06/21/2017 at 0228z06/21/2017 at 00z
06/21/2017 at 0131z06/21/2017 at 00z
06/20/2017 at 2225z06/20/2017 at 21z
06/20/2017 at 1930z06/20/2017 at 18z
06/20/2017 at 1625z06/20/2017 at 15z
06/20/2017 at 1331z06/20/2017 at 12z
06/20/2017 at 1031z06/20/2017 at 09z
06/20/2017 at 0732z06/20/2017 at 06z
06/20/2017 at 0441z06/20/2017 at 03z
06/20/2017 at 0130z06/20/2017 at 00z
06/19/2017 at 2221z06/19/2017 at 21z
06/19/2017 at 1918z06/19/2017 at 18z
06/19/2017 at 1626z06/19/2017 at 15z
06/19/2017 at 1324z06/19/2017 at 12z
06/19/2017 at 1029z06/19/2017 at 09z
06/19/2017 at 0731z06/19/2017 at 06z
06/19/2017 at 0440z06/19/2017 at 03z
06/19/2017 at 0131z06/19/2017 at 00z
06/18/2017 at 2226z06/18/2017 at 21z
06/18/2017 at 1927z06/18/2017 at 18z
06/18/2017 at 1624z06/18/2017 at 15z
06/18/2017 at 1324z06/18/2017 at 12z
06/18/2017 at 1027z06/18/2017 at 09z
06/18/2017 at 0732z06/18/2017 at 06z
06/18/2017 at 0537z06/18/2017 at 00z
06/18/2017 at 0438z06/18/2017 at 03z
06/18/2017 at 0131z06/18/2017 at 00z
06/17/2017 at 2206z06/17/2017 at 21z
06/17/2017 at 1924z06/17/2017 at 18z
06/17/2017 at 1623z06/17/2017 at 15z
06/17/2017 at 1326z06/17/2017 at 12z
06/17/2017 at 1031z06/17/2017 at 09z
06/17/2017 at 0730z06/17/2017 at 06z
06/17/2017 at 0430z06/17/2017 at 03z
06/17/2017 at 0132z06/17/2017 at 00z
06/16/2017 at 2231z06/16/2017 at 21z
06/16/2017 at 1936z06/16/2017 at 18z
06/16/2017 at 1630z06/16/2017 at 15z
06/16/2017 at 1342z06/16/2017 at 12z
06/16/2017 at 1032z06/16/2017 at 09z
06/16/2017 at 0731z06/16/2017 at 06z
06/16/2017 at 0435z06/16/2017 at 03z
06/16/2017 at 0141z06/16/2017 at 00z
06/15/2017 at 2221z06/15/2017 at 21z
06/15/2017 at 1938z06/15/2017 at 18z
06/15/2017 at 1627z06/15/2017 at 15z
06/15/2017 at 1334z06/15/2017 at 12z
06/15/2017 at 1030z06/15/2017 at 09z
06/15/2017 at 0730z06/15/2017 at 06z
06/15/2017 at 0507z06/15/2017 at 03z
06/15/2017 at 0428z06/15/2017 at 03z
06/15/2017 at 0131z06/15/2017 at 00z
06/14/2017 at 2200z06/14/2017 at 21z
06/14/2017 at 1922z06/14/2017 at 18z
06/14/2017 at 1617z06/14/2017 at 15z
06/14/2017 at 1330z06/14/2017 at 12z
06/14/2017 at 1027z06/14/2017 at 09z
06/14/2017 at 0727z06/14/2017 at 06z
06/14/2017 at 0445z06/14/2017 at 03z
06/14/2017 at 0126z06/14/2017 at 00z
06/13/2017 at 2219z06/13/2017 at 21z
06/13/2017 at 1923z06/13/2017 at 18z
06/13/2017 at 1622z06/13/2017 at 15z
06/13/2017 at 1330z06/13/2017 at 12z
06/13/2017 at 1029z06/13/2017 at 09z
06/13/2017 at 0728z06/13/2017 at 06z
06/13/2017 at 0428z06/13/2017 at 03z
06/13/2017 at 0129z06/13/2017 at 00z
06/12/2017 at 2231z06/12/2017 at 21z
06/12/2017 at 1924z06/12/2017 at 18z
06/12/2017 at 1618z06/12/2017 at 15z
06/12/2017 at 1329z06/12/2017 at 12z
06/12/2017 at 1024z06/12/2017 at 09z
06/12/2017 at 0726z06/12/2017 at 06z
06/12/2017 at 0436z06/12/2017 at 03z
06/12/2017 at 0129z06/12/2017 at 00z
06/11/2017 at 2235z06/11/2017 at 21z
06/11/2017 at 1930z06/11/2017 at 18z
06/11/2017 at 1629z06/11/2017 at 15z
06/11/2017 at 1502z06/11/2017 at 12z
06/11/2017 at 1341z06/11/2017 at 12z
06/11/2017 at 1030z06/11/2017 at 09z
06/11/2017 at 0732z06/11/2017 at 06z
06/11/2017 at 0435z06/11/2017 at 03z
06/11/2017 at 0123z06/11/2017 at 00z
06/10/2017 at 2230z06/10/2017 at 21z
06/10/2017 at 1933z06/10/2017 at 18z
06/10/2017 at 1630z06/10/2017 at 15z
06/10/2017 at 1330z06/10/2017 at 12z
06/10/2017 at 1032z06/10/2017 at 09z
06/10/2017 at 0734z06/10/2017 at 06z
06/10/2017 at 0434z06/10/2017 at 03z
06/10/2017 at 0130z06/10/2017 at 00z
06/09/2017 at 2220z06/09/2017 at 21z
06/09/2017 at 1927z06/09/2017 at 18z
06/09/2017 at 1627z06/09/2017 at 15z
06/09/2017 at 1334z06/09/2017 at 12z
06/09/2017 at 1027z06/09/2017 at 09z
06/09/2017 at 0734z06/09/2017 at 06z
06/09/2017 at 0443z06/09/2017 at 03z
06/09/2017 at 0127z06/09/2017 at 00z
06/08/2017 at 2221z06/08/2017 at 21z
06/08/2017 at 1931z06/08/2017 at 18z
06/08/2017 at 1620z06/08/2017 at 15z
06/08/2017 at 1322z06/08/2017 at 12z
06/08/2017 at 1022z06/08/2017 at 09z
06/08/2017 at 0735z06/08/2017 at 06z
06/08/2017 at 0442z06/08/2017 at 03z
06/08/2017 at 0134z06/08/2017 at 00z
06/07/2017 at 2237z06/07/2017 at 21z
06/07/2017 at 1932z06/07/2017 at 18z
06/07/2017 at 1628z06/07/2017 at 15z
06/07/2017 at 1332z06/07/2017 at 12z
06/07/2017 at 1222z06/07/2017 at 09z
06/07/2017 at 1207z06/07/2017 at 06z
06/07/2017 at 1132z06/07/2017 at 03z
06/07/2017 at 1121z06/07/2017 at 00z
06/07/2017 at 1019z06/07/2017 at 09z
06/07/2017 at 0725z06/07/2017 at 06z
06/07/2017 at 0426z06/07/2017 at 03z
06/07/2017 at 0135z06/07/2017 at 00z
06/06/2017 at 2230z06/06/2017 at 21z
06/06/2017 at 1934z06/06/2017 at 18z
06/06/2017 at 1635z06/06/2017 at 15z
06/06/2017 at 1332z06/06/2017 at 12z
06/06/2017 at 1029z06/06/2017 at 09z
06/06/2017 at 0728z06/06/2017 at 06z
06/06/2017 at 0422z06/06/2017 at 03z
06/06/2017 at 0132z06/06/2017 at 00z
06/05/2017 at 2233z06/05/2017 at 21z
06/05/2017 at 1930z06/05/2017 at 18z
06/05/2017 at 1630z06/05/2017 at 15z
06/05/2017 at 1331z06/05/2017 at 12z
06/05/2017 at 1021z06/05/2017 at 09z
06/05/2017 at 0735z06/05/2017 at 06z
06/05/2017 at 0426z06/05/2017 at 03z
06/05/2017 at 0143z06/05/2017 at 00z
06/04/2017 at 2229z06/04/2017 at 21z
06/04/2017 at 1927z06/04/2017 at 18z
06/04/2017 at 1625z06/04/2017 at 15z
06/04/2017 at 1328z06/04/2017 at 12z
06/04/2017 at 1022z06/04/2017 at 09z
06/04/2017 at 0728z06/04/2017 at 06z
06/04/2017 at 0427z06/04/2017 at 03z
06/04/2017 at 0136z06/04/2017 at 00z
06/03/2017 at 2230z06/03/2017 at 21z
06/03/2017 at 1930z06/03/2017 at 18z
06/03/2017 at 1639z06/03/2017 at 15z
06/03/2017 at 1328z06/03/2017 at 12z
06/03/2017 at 1028z06/03/2017 at 09z
06/03/2017 at 0730z06/03/2017 at 06z
06/03/2017 at 0428z06/03/2017 at 03z
06/03/2017 at 0136z06/03/2017 at 00z
06/02/2017 at 2237z06/02/2017 at 21z
06/02/2017 at 1930z06/02/2017 at 18z
06/02/2017 at 1630z06/02/2017 at 15z
06/02/2017 at 1330z06/02/2017 at 12z
06/02/2017 at 1020z06/02/2017 at 09z
06/02/2017 at 0730z06/02/2017 at 06z
06/02/2017 at 0450z06/02/2017 at 03z
06/02/2017 at 0145z06/02/2017 at 00z
06/01/2017 at 2234z06/01/2017 at 21z
06/01/2017 at 1932z06/01/2017 at 18z
06/01/2017 at 1624z06/01/2017 at 15z
06/01/2017 at 1330z06/01/2017 at 12z
06/01/2017 at 1005z06/01/2017 at 09z
06/01/2017 at 0733z06/01/2017 at 06z
06/01/2017 at 0419z06/01/2017 at 03z
06/01/2017 at 0132z06/01/2017 at 00z
05/31/2017 at 2228z05/31/2017 at 21z
05/31/2017 at 1925z05/31/2017 at 18z
05/31/2017 at 1627z05/31/2017 at 15z
05/31/2017 at 1329z05/31/2017 at 12z
05/31/2017 at 1017z05/31/2017 at 09z
05/31/2017 at 0721z05/31/2017 at 06z
05/31/2017 at 0418z05/31/2017 at 03z
05/31/2017 at 0131z05/31/2017 at 00z
05/30/2017 at 2235z05/30/2017 at 21z
05/30/2017 at 1924z05/30/2017 at 18z
05/30/2017 at 1625z05/30/2017 at 15z
05/30/2017 at 1324z05/30/2017 at 12z
05/30/2017 at 1015z05/30/2017 at 09z
05/30/2017 at 0720z05/30/2017 at 06z
05/30/2017 at 0416z05/30/2017 at 03z
05/30/2017 at 0126z05/30/2017 at 00z
05/29/2017 at 2225z05/29/2017 at 21z
05/29/2017 at 1929z05/29/2017 at 18z
05/29/2017 at 1626z05/29/2017 at 15z
05/29/2017 at 1329z05/29/2017 at 12z
05/29/2017 at 1021z05/29/2017 at 09z
05/29/2017 at 0725z05/29/2017 at 06z
05/29/2017 at 0422z05/29/2017 at 03z
05/29/2017 at 0126z05/29/2017 at 00z
05/28/2017 at 2231z05/28/2017 at 21z
05/28/2017 at 1925z05/28/2017 at 18z
05/28/2017 at 1625z05/28/2017 at 15z
05/28/2017 at 1336z05/28/2017 at 12z
05/28/2017 at 1000z05/28/2017 at 09z
05/28/2017 at 0726z05/28/2017 at 06z
05/28/2017 at 0425z05/28/2017 at 03z
05/28/2017 at 0130z05/28/2017 at 00z
05/27/2017 at 2228z05/27/2017 at 21z
05/27/2017 at 1928z05/27/2017 at 18z
05/27/2017 at 1622z05/27/2017 at 15z
05/27/2017 at 1414z05/27/2017 at 12z
05/27/2017 at 1336z05/27/2017 at 12z
05/27/2017 at 0953z05/27/2017 at 09z
05/27/2017 at 0727z05/27/2017 at 06z
05/27/2017 at 0428z05/27/2017 at 03z
05/27/2017 at 0126z05/27/2017 at 00z
05/26/2017 at 2227z05/26/2017 at 21z
05/26/2017 at 1930z05/26/2017 at 18z
05/26/2017 at 1624z05/26/2017 at 15z
05/26/2017 at 1331z05/26/2017 at 12z
05/26/2017 at 1003z05/26/2017 at 09z
05/26/2017 at 0721z05/26/2017 at 06z
05/26/2017 at 0425z05/26/2017 at 03z

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