60-Hour Forecast

Robert Chapin

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These are the 60-hour surface prognostic charts that are currently available online from my prog charts archive. Click any entry in the Issued Date column to see the desired chart image.

Issued DateValid Date
07/08/2020 at 0547z07/10/2020 at 12z
07/07/2020 at 1855z07/10/2020 at 00z
07/07/2020 at 0531z07/09/2020 at 12z
07/06/2020 at 1925z07/09/2020 at 00z
07/06/2020 at 0508z07/08/2020 at 12z
07/05/2020 at 1906z07/08/2020 at 00z
07/05/2020 at 0510z07/07/2020 at 12z
07/04/2020 at 1915z07/07/2020 at 00z
07/04/2020 at 0523z07/06/2020 at 12z
07/03/2020 at 1922z07/06/2020 at 00z
07/03/2020 at 0504z07/05/2020 at 12z
07/02/2020 at 1923z07/05/2020 at 00z
07/02/2020 at 0703z07/04/2020 at 12z
07/01/2020 at 1915z07/04/2020 at 00z
07/01/2020 at 0715z07/03/2020 at 12z
06/30/2020 at 2005z07/03/2020 at 00z
06/30/2020 at 1859z07/03/2020 at 00z
06/30/2020 at 0705z07/02/2020 at 12z
06/29/2020 at 1925z07/02/2020 at 00z
06/29/2020 at 0705z07/01/2020 at 12z
06/28/2020 at 1920z07/01/2020 at 00z
06/28/2020 at 0705z06/30/2020 at 12z
06/27/2020 at 1917z06/30/2020 at 00z
06/27/2020 at 0656z06/29/2020 at 12z
06/26/2020 at 1832z06/29/2020 at 00z
06/26/2020 at 0654z06/28/2020 at 12z
06/25/2020 at 1906z06/28/2020 at 00z
06/25/2020 at 0658z06/27/2020 at 12z
06/24/2020 at 1911z06/27/2020 at 00z
06/24/2020 at 0435z06/26/2020 at 12z
06/23/2020 at 1905z06/26/2020 at 00z
06/23/2020 at 0458z06/25/2020 at 12z
06/22/2020 at 1901z06/25/2020 at 00z
06/22/2020 at 0429z06/24/2020 at 12z
06/21/2020 at 1858z06/24/2020 at 00z
06/21/2020 at 0445z06/23/2020 at 12z
06/20/2020 at 1905z06/23/2020 at 00z
06/20/2020 at 0548z06/22/2020 at 12z
06/19/2020 at 1939z06/22/2020 at 00z
06/19/2020 at 0522z06/21/2020 at 12z
06/18/2020 at 1913z06/21/2020 at 00z
06/18/2020 at 0656z06/20/2020 at 12z
06/17/2020 at 2005z06/20/2020 at 00z
06/17/2020 at 1904z06/20/2020 at 00z
06/17/2020 at 0638z06/19/2020 at 12z
06/16/2020 at 1924z06/19/2020 at 00z
06/16/2020 at 0652z06/18/2020 at 12z
06/15/2020 at 1850z06/18/2020 at 00z
06/15/2020 at 0641z06/17/2020 at 12z
06/14/2020 at 1905z06/17/2020 at 00z
06/14/2020 at 0643z06/16/2020 at 12z
06/13/2020 at 1858z06/16/2020 at 00z
06/13/2020 at 0636z06/15/2020 at 12z
06/12/2020 at 1936z06/15/2020 at 00z
06/12/2020 at 0656z06/14/2020 at 12z
06/12/2020 at 0650z06/14/2020 at 12z
06/11/2020 at 1837z06/14/2020 at 00z
06/11/2020 at 0854z06/13/2020 at 12z
06/11/2020 at 0701z06/13/2020 at 12z
06/10/2020 at 1851z06/13/2020 at 00z
06/10/2020 at 0725z06/12/2020 at 12z
06/09/2020 at 1850z06/12/2020 at 00z
06/09/2020 at 0703z06/11/2020 at 12z
06/08/2020 at 1850z06/11/2020 at 00z
06/08/2020 at 0717z06/10/2020 at 12z
06/07/2020 at 2006z06/10/2020 at 00z
06/07/2020 at 1836z06/10/2020 at 00z
06/07/2020 at 0715z06/09/2020 at 12z
06/06/2020 at 2002z06/09/2020 at 00z
06/06/2020 at 1830z06/09/2020 at 00z
06/06/2020 at 0708z06/08/2020 at 12z
06/05/2020 at 1901z06/08/2020 at 00z
06/05/2020 at 0713z06/07/2020 at 12z
06/04/2020 at 1850z06/07/2020 at 00z
06/04/2020 at 0904z06/06/2020 at 12z
06/04/2020 at 0714z06/06/2020 at 12z
06/03/2020 at 1903z06/06/2020 at 00z
06/03/2020 at 0700z06/05/2020 at 12z
06/02/2020 at 1857z06/05/2020 at 00z
06/02/2020 at 0951z06/04/2020 at 12z
06/02/2020 at 0653z06/04/2020 at 12z
06/01/2020 at 2055z06/04/2020 at 00z
06/01/2020 at 2024z06/04/2020 at 00z
06/01/2020 at 1901z06/04/2020 at 00z
06/01/2020 at 0639z06/03/2020 at 12z
05/31/2020 at 1852z06/03/2020 at 00z
05/31/2020 at 0641z06/02/2020 at 12z
05/30/2020 at 1841z06/02/2020 at 00z
05/30/2020 at 0643z06/01/2020 at 12z
05/29/2020 at 1749z06/01/2020 at 00z
05/29/2020 at 0639z05/31/2020 at 12z
05/28/2020 at 1857z05/31/2020 at 00z
05/28/2020 at 0705z05/30/2020 at 12z
05/27/2020 at 1855z05/30/2020 at 00z
05/27/2020 at 0705z05/29/2020 at 12z
05/26/2020 at 1829z05/29/2020 at 00z
05/26/2020 at 0705z05/28/2020 at 12z
05/25/2020 at 1652z05/28/2020 at 00z
05/25/2020 at 0657z05/27/2020 at 12z
05/24/2020 at 2053z05/27/2020 at 00z

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