60-Hour Forecast

Robert Chapin

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These are the 60-hour surface prognostic charts that are currently available online from my prog charts archive. Click any entry in the Issued Date column to see the desired chart image.

Issued DateValid Date
04/21/2021 at 1912z04/24/2021 at 00z
04/21/2021 at 0710z04/23/2021 at 12z
04/20/2021 at 1919z04/23/2021 at 00z
04/20/2021 at 0703z04/22/2021 at 12z
04/19/2021 at 1822z04/22/2021 at 00z
04/19/2021 at 0706z04/21/2021 at 12z
04/18/2021 at 1952z04/21/2021 at 00z
04/18/2021 at 1859z04/21/2021 at 00z
04/18/2021 at 0705z04/20/2021 at 12z
04/17/2021 at 1830z04/20/2021 at 00z
04/17/2021 at 0700z04/19/2021 at 12z
04/16/2021 at 1739z04/19/2021 at 00z
04/16/2021 at 0701z04/18/2021 at 12z
04/15/2021 at 1816z04/18/2021 at 00z
04/15/2021 at 0706z04/17/2021 at 12z
04/14/2021 at 1811z04/17/2021 at 00z
04/14/2021 at 0601z04/16/2021 at 12z
04/13/2021 at 1753z04/16/2021 at 00z
04/13/2021 at 0614z04/15/2021 at 12z
04/12/2021 at 1727z04/15/2021 at 00z
04/12/2021 at 0647z04/14/2021 at 12z
04/11/2021 at 1919z04/14/2021 at 00z
04/11/2021 at 0643z04/13/2021 at 12z
04/10/2021 at 1903z04/13/2021 at 00z
04/10/2021 at 0649z04/12/2021 at 12z
04/09/2021 at 1934z04/12/2021 at 00z
04/09/2021 at 0648z04/11/2021 at 12z
04/08/2021 at 1923z04/11/2021 at 00z
04/08/2021 at 0705z04/10/2021 at 12z
04/07/2021 at 1900z04/10/2021 at 00z
04/07/2021 at 0705z04/09/2021 at 12z
04/06/2021 at 1909z04/09/2021 at 00z
04/06/2021 at 0705z04/08/2021 at 12z
04/05/2021 at 1752z04/08/2021 at 00z
04/05/2021 at 0705z04/07/2021 at 12z
04/04/2021 at 1756z04/07/2021 at 00z
04/04/2021 at 0708z04/06/2021 at 12z
04/03/2021 at 1804z04/06/2021 at 00z
04/03/2021 at 0703z04/05/2021 at 12z
04/02/2021 at 1804z04/05/2021 at 00z
04/02/2021 at 0658z04/04/2021 at 12z
04/01/2021 at 1852z04/04/2021 at 00z
04/01/2021 at 0612z04/03/2021 at 12z
03/31/2021 at 1915z04/03/2021 at 00z
03/31/2021 at 0625z04/02/2021 at 12z
03/30/2021 at 1910z04/02/2021 at 00z
03/30/2021 at 0632z04/01/2021 at 12z
03/29/2021 at 1859z04/01/2021 at 00z
03/29/2021 at 0636z03/31/2021 at 12z
03/28/2021 at 1759z03/31/2021 at 00z
03/28/2021 at 0644z03/30/2021 at 12z
03/27/2021 at 1800z03/30/2021 at 00z
03/27/2021 at 0637z03/29/2021 at 12z
03/26/2021 at 1752z03/29/2021 at 00z
03/26/2021 at 0639z03/28/2021 at 12z
03/25/2021 at 1914z03/28/2021 at 00z
03/25/2021 at 0650z03/27/2021 at 12z
03/24/2021 at 1934z03/27/2021 at 00z
03/24/2021 at 0636z03/26/2021 at 12z
03/23/2021 at 1851z03/26/2021 at 00z
03/23/2021 at 0643z03/25/2021 at 12z
03/22/2021 at 1908z03/25/2021 at 00z
03/22/2021 at 0646z03/24/2021 at 12z
03/21/2021 at 1902z03/24/2021 at 00z
03/21/2021 at 0652z03/23/2021 at 12z
03/20/2021 at 1858z03/23/2021 at 00z
03/20/2021 at 0644z03/22/2021 at 12z
03/19/2021 at 1821z03/22/2021 at 00z
03/19/2021 at 0653z03/21/2021 at 12z
03/18/2021 at 1835z03/21/2021 at 00z
03/18/2021 at 0703z03/20/2021 at 12z
03/17/2021 at 1947z03/20/2021 at 00z
03/17/2021 at 1855z03/20/2021 at 00z
03/17/2021 at 0701z03/19/2021 at 12z
03/16/2021 at 1846z03/19/2021 at 00z
03/16/2021 at 0657z03/18/2021 at 12z
03/15/2021 at 1716z03/18/2021 at 00z
03/15/2021 at 0703z03/17/2021 at 12z
03/14/2021 at 1851z03/17/2021 at 00z
03/14/2021 at 0708z03/16/2021 at 12z
03/13/2021 at 1852z03/16/2021 at 00z
03/13/2021 at 0657z03/15/2021 at 12z
03/12/2021 at 1902z03/15/2021 at 00z
03/12/2021 at 0706z03/14/2021 at 12z
03/11/2021 at 1907z03/14/2021 at 00z
03/11/2021 at 0641z03/13/2021 at 12z
03/10/2021 at 1903z03/13/2021 at 00z
03/10/2021 at 0555z03/12/2021 at 12z
03/09/2021 at 1925z03/12/2021 at 00z
03/09/2021 at 0636z03/11/2021 at 12z
03/08/2021 at 1711z03/11/2021 at 00z
03/08/2021 at 0617z03/10/2021 at 12z
03/07/2021 at 1843z03/10/2021 at 00z
03/07/2021 at 0602z03/09/2021 at 12z
03/06/2021 at 1847z03/09/2021 at 00z
03/06/2021 at 0616z03/08/2021 at 12z
03/05/2021 at 1917z03/08/2021 at 00z
03/05/2021 at 0558z03/07/2021 at 12z
03/04/2021 at 1933z03/07/2021 at 00z
03/04/2021 at 0958z03/06/2021 at 12z

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