60-Hour Forecast

Robert Chapin

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These are the 60-hour surface prognostic charts that are currently available online from my prog charts archive. Click any entry in the Issued Date column to see the desired chart image.

Issued DateValid Date
12/17/2018 at 0633z12/19/2018 at 12z
12/16/2018 at 1849z12/19/2018 at 00z
12/16/2018 at 0639z12/18/2018 at 12z
12/15/2018 at 1838z12/18/2018 at 00z
12/15/2018 at 0628z12/17/2018 at 12z
12/14/2018 at 1821z12/17/2018 at 00z
12/14/2018 at 0643z12/16/2018 at 12z
12/13/2018 at 1846z12/16/2018 at 00z
12/13/2018 at 0634z12/15/2018 at 12z
12/12/2018 at 1903z12/15/2018 at 00z
12/12/2018 at 0714z12/14/2018 at 12z
12/11/2018 at 1933z12/14/2018 at 00z
12/11/2018 at 0625z12/13/2018 at 12z
12/10/2018 at 1638z12/13/2018 at 00z
12/10/2018 at 0701z12/12/2018 at 12z
12/09/2018 at 1825z12/12/2018 at 00z
12/09/2018 at 0700z12/11/2018 at 12z
12/08/2018 at 1827z12/11/2018 at 00z
12/08/2018 at 0709z12/10/2018 at 12z
12/07/2018 at 1900z12/10/2018 at 00z
12/07/2018 at 0625z12/09/2018 at 12z
12/06/2018 at 0641z12/08/2018 at 12z
12/05/2018 at 1843z12/08/2018 at 00z
12/05/2018 at 0629z12/07/2018 at 12z
12/04/2018 at 1902z12/07/2018 at 00z
12/04/2018 at 0637z12/06/2018 at 12z
12/03/2018 at 1853z12/06/2018 at 00z
12/03/2018 at 1814z12/06/2018 at 00z
12/03/2018 at 0639z12/05/2018 at 12z
12/02/2018 at 2007z12/05/2018 at 00z
12/02/2018 at 1628z12/05/2018 at 00z
12/02/2018 at 0700z12/04/2018 at 12z
12/01/2018 at 1727z12/04/2018 at 00z
12/01/2018 at 0659z12/03/2018 at 12z
11/30/2018 at 1740z12/03/2018 at 00z
11/30/2018 at 0658z12/02/2018 at 12z
11/29/2018 at 1735z12/02/2018 at 00z
11/29/2018 at 0703z12/01/2018 at 12z
11/28/2018 at 1754z12/01/2018 at 00z
11/28/2018 at 0720z11/30/2018 at 12z
11/27/2018 at 1750z11/30/2018 at 00z
11/27/2018 at 0658z11/29/2018 at 12z
11/26/2018 at 1845z11/29/2018 at 00z
11/26/2018 at 0627z11/28/2018 at 12z
11/25/2018 at 1902z11/28/2018 at 00z
11/25/2018 at 0656z11/27/2018 at 12z
11/24/2018 at 1902z11/27/2018 at 00z
11/24/2018 at 0708z11/26/2018 at 12z
11/23/2018 at 1905z11/26/2018 at 00z
11/23/2018 at 0715z11/25/2018 at 12z
11/22/2018 at 1903z11/25/2018 at 00z
11/22/2018 at 0625z11/24/2018 at 12z
11/21/2018 at 1851z11/24/2018 at 00z
11/21/2018 at 0629z11/23/2018 at 12z
11/20/2018 at 1909z11/23/2018 at 00z
11/20/2018 at 0628z11/22/2018 at 12z
11/19/2018 at 1927z11/22/2018 at 00z
11/19/2018 at 0617z11/21/2018 at 12z
11/18/2018 at 1903z11/21/2018 at 00z
11/18/2018 at 0557z11/20/2018 at 12z
11/17/2018 at 1922z11/20/2018 at 00z
11/17/2018 at 1836z11/20/2018 at 00z
11/17/2018 at 0627z11/19/2018 at 12z
11/16/2018 at 1901z11/19/2018 at 00z
11/16/2018 at 0550z11/18/2018 at 12z
11/15/2018 at 1901z11/18/2018 at 00z
11/15/2018 at 0701z11/17/2018 at 12z
11/14/2018 at 1845z11/17/2018 at 00z
11/14/2018 at 0703z11/16/2018 at 12z
11/13/2018 at 1900z11/16/2018 at 00z
11/13/2018 at 0702z11/15/2018 at 12z
11/12/2018 at 1811z11/15/2018 at 00z
11/12/2018 at 0702z11/14/2018 at 12z
11/11/2018 at 1758z11/14/2018 at 00z
11/11/2018 at 0700z11/13/2018 at 12z
11/10/2018 at 1825z11/13/2018 at 00z
11/10/2018 at 0656z11/12/2018 at 12z
11/09/2018 at 1901z11/12/2018 at 00z
11/09/2018 at 0611z11/11/2018 at 12z
11/08/2018 at 1854z11/11/2018 at 00z
11/08/2018 at 0846z11/10/2018 at 12z
11/08/2018 at 0706z11/10/2018 at 12z
11/07/2018 at 1845z11/10/2018 at 00z
11/07/2018 at 0658z11/09/2018 at 12z
11/06/2018 at 1851z11/09/2018 at 00z
11/06/2018 at 0635z11/08/2018 at 12z
11/05/2018 at 1813z11/08/2018 at 00z
11/05/2018 at 0550z11/07/2018 at 12z
11/04/2018 at 1857z11/07/2018 at 00z
11/04/2018 at 0610z11/06/2018 at 12z
11/03/2018 at 1828z11/06/2018 at 00z
11/03/2018 at 0641z11/05/2018 at 12z
11/02/2018 at 1746z11/05/2018 at 00z
11/02/2018 at 0657z11/04/2018 at 12z
11/01/2018 at 1936z11/04/2018 at 00z
11/01/2018 at 0640z11/03/2018 at 12z
10/31/2018 at 1858z11/03/2018 at 00z
10/31/2018 at 0618z11/02/2018 at 12z
10/30/2018 at 1847z11/02/2018 at 00z
10/30/2018 at 0552z11/01/2018 at 12z

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