60-Hour Forecast

Robert Chapin

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These are the 60-hour surface prognostic charts that are currently available online from my prog charts archive. Click any entry in the Issued Date column to see the desired chart image.

Issued DateValid Date
10/19/2019 at 0703z10/21/2019 at 12z
10/18/2019 at 1831z10/21/2019 at 00z
10/18/2019 at 0705z10/20/2019 at 12z
10/17/2019 at 2101z10/20/2019 at 00z
10/17/2019 at 1904z10/20/2019 at 00z
10/17/2019 at 0605z10/19/2019 at 12z
10/16/2019 at 1905z10/19/2019 at 00z
10/16/2019 at 0621z10/18/2019 at 12z
10/15/2019 at 1903z10/18/2019 at 00z
10/15/2019 at 0647z10/17/2019 at 12z
10/14/2019 at 1838z10/17/2019 at 00z
10/14/2019 at 0704z10/16/2019 at 12z
10/13/2019 at 1940z10/16/2019 at 00z
10/13/2019 at 0644z10/15/2019 at 12z
10/12/2019 at 1828z10/15/2019 at 00z
10/12/2019 at 0634z10/14/2019 at 12z
10/11/2019 at 1846z10/14/2019 at 00z
10/11/2019 at 0615z10/13/2019 at 12z
10/10/2019 at 1912z10/13/2019 at 00z
10/10/2019 at 0555z10/12/2019 at 12z
10/09/2019 at 1849z10/12/2019 at 00z
10/09/2019 at 0458z10/11/2019 at 12z
10/08/2019 at 1845z10/11/2019 at 00z
10/08/2019 at 0728z10/10/2019 at 12z
10/08/2019 at 0602z10/10/2019 at 12z
10/07/2019 at 1851z10/10/2019 at 00z
10/07/2019 at 0647z10/09/2019 at 12z
10/06/2019 at 1904z10/09/2019 at 00z
10/06/2019 at 0606z10/08/2019 at 12z
10/05/2019 at 1812z10/08/2019 at 00z
10/05/2019 at 0635z10/07/2019 at 12z
10/04/2019 at 1837z10/07/2019 at 00z
10/04/2019 at 0640z10/06/2019 at 12z
10/03/2019 at 1818z10/06/2019 at 00z
10/03/2019 at 0540z10/05/2019 at 12z
10/02/2019 at 1833z10/05/2019 at 00z
10/02/2019 at 0540z10/04/2019 at 12z
10/01/2019 at 1856z10/04/2019 at 00z
10/01/2019 at 0557z10/03/2019 at 12z
09/30/2019 at 1829z10/03/2019 at 00z
09/30/2019 at 0636z10/02/2019 at 12z
09/29/2019 at 1836z10/02/2019 at 00z
09/29/2019 at 0604z10/01/2019 at 12z
09/28/2019 at 1842z10/01/2019 at 00z
09/28/2019 at 0627z09/30/2019 at 12z
09/27/2019 at 1811z09/30/2019 at 00z
09/27/2019 at 0903z09/29/2019 at 12z
09/27/2019 at 0534z09/29/2019 at 12z
09/26/2019 at 1738z09/29/2019 at 00z
09/26/2019 at 0659z09/28/2019 at 12z
09/25/2019 at 1832z09/28/2019 at 00z
09/25/2019 at 0703z09/27/2019 at 12z
09/25/2019 at 0651z09/27/2019 at 12z
09/24/2019 at 1906z09/27/2019 at 00z
09/24/2019 at 0654z09/26/2019 at 12z
09/23/2019 at 1838z09/26/2019 at 00z
09/23/2019 at 0703z09/25/2019 at 12z
09/22/2019 at 1903z09/25/2019 at 00z
09/22/2019 at 0652z09/24/2019 at 12z
09/21/2019 at 1855z09/24/2019 at 00z
09/21/2019 at 0651z09/23/2019 at 12z
09/20/2019 at 1851z09/23/2019 at 00z
09/20/2019 at 0642z09/22/2019 at 12z
09/19/2019 at 1827z09/22/2019 at 00z
09/19/2019 at 0701z09/21/2019 at 12z
09/18/2019 at 1744z09/21/2019 at 00z
09/18/2019 at 0727z09/20/2019 at 12z
09/18/2019 at 0635z09/20/2019 at 12z
09/17/2019 at 2011z09/20/2019 at 00z
09/17/2019 at 1725z09/20/2019 at 00z
09/17/2019 at 0659z09/19/2019 at 12z
09/16/2019 at 1902z09/19/2019 at 00z
09/16/2019 at 0657z09/18/2019 at 12z
09/15/2019 at 1834z09/18/2019 at 00z
09/15/2019 at 0700z09/17/2019 at 12z
09/14/2019 at 1856z09/17/2019 at 00z
09/14/2019 at 0659z09/16/2019 at 12z
09/13/2019 at 1848z09/16/2019 at 00z
09/13/2019 at 0700z09/15/2019 at 12z
09/12/2019 at 2104z09/15/2019 at 00z
09/12/2019 at 1806z09/15/2019 at 00z
09/12/2019 at 0601z09/14/2019 at 12z
09/11/2019 at 1850z09/14/2019 at 00z
09/11/2019 at 0554z09/13/2019 at 12z
09/10/2019 at 1847z09/13/2019 at 00z
09/10/2019 at 0546z09/12/2019 at 12z
09/09/2019 at 1812z09/12/2019 at 00z
09/09/2019 at 0643z09/11/2019 at 12z
09/08/2019 at 1903z09/11/2019 at 00z
09/08/2019 at 0657z09/10/2019 at 12z
09/07/2019 at 1904z09/10/2019 at 00z
09/07/2019 at 0647z09/09/2019 at 12z
09/06/2019 at 1855z09/09/2019 at 00z
09/06/2019 at 0526z09/08/2019 at 12z
09/05/2019 at 1929z09/08/2019 at 00z
09/05/2019 at 0652z09/07/2019 at 12z
09/04/2019 at 1853z09/07/2019 at 00z
09/04/2019 at 0723z09/06/2019 at 12z
09/03/2019 at 1855z09/06/2019 at 00z
09/03/2019 at 0719z09/05/2019 at 12z

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