48-Hour Forecast

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These are the 48-hour surface prognostic charts that are currently available online from my prog charts archive.  Click any entry in the Issued Date column to see the desired chart image.

Issued DateValid Date
10/18/2021 at 0642z10/20/2021 at 00z
10/17/2021 at 1719z10/19/2021 at 12z
10/17/2021 at 0646z10/19/2021 at 00z
10/16/2021 at 1730z10/18/2021 at 12z
10/16/2021 at 0640z10/18/2021 at 00z
10/15/2021 at 1902z10/17/2021 at 12z
10/15/2021 at 0639z10/17/2021 at 00z
10/14/2021 at 1814z10/16/2021 at 12z
10/14/2021 at 0655z10/16/2021 at 00z
10/13/2021 at 1815z10/15/2021 at 12z
10/13/2021 at 0710z10/15/2021 at 00z
10/12/2021 at 2019z10/14/2021 at 12z
10/12/2021 at 1813z10/14/2021 at 12z
10/12/2021 at 0707z10/14/2021 at 00z
10/11/2021 at 1659z10/13/2021 at 12z
10/11/2021 at 0638z10/13/2021 at 00z
10/10/2021 at 1838z10/12/2021 at 12z
10/10/2021 at 0708z10/12/2021 at 00z
10/10/2021 at 0646z10/12/2021 at 00z
10/09/2021 at 2000z10/11/2021 at 12z
10/09/2021 at 1834z10/11/2021 at 12z
10/09/2021 at 0711z10/11/2021 at 00z
10/09/2021 at 0648z10/11/2021 at 00z
10/08/2021 at 1827z10/10/2021 at 12z
10/08/2021 at 0634z10/10/2021 at 00z
10/07/2021 at 1815z10/09/2021 at 12z
10/07/2021 at 0558z10/09/2021 at 00z
10/06/2021 at 1832z10/08/2021 at 12z
10/06/2021 at 0634z10/08/2021 at 00z
10/05/2021 at 1832z10/07/2021 at 12z
10/05/2021 at 0621z10/07/2021 at 00z
10/04/2021 at 1820z10/06/2021 at 12z
10/04/2021 at 0632z10/06/2021 at 00z
10/03/2021 at 1851z10/05/2021 at 12z
10/03/2021 at 0530z10/05/2021 at 00z
10/02/2021 at 1854z10/04/2021 at 12z
10/02/2021 at 0535z10/04/2021 at 00z
10/01/2021 at 1849z10/03/2021 at 12z
10/01/2021 at 0535z10/03/2021 at 00z
09/30/2021 at 1859z10/02/2021 at 12z
09/30/2021 at 0615z10/02/2021 at 00z
09/29/2021 at 1813z10/01/2021 at 12z
09/29/2021 at 0620z10/01/2021 at 00z
09/28/2021 at 1822z09/30/2021 at 12z
09/28/2021 at 0553z09/30/2021 at 00z
09/27/2021 at 1754z09/29/2021 at 12z
09/27/2021 at 0604z09/29/2021 at 00z
09/26/2021 at 1812z09/28/2021 at 12z
09/26/2021 at 0610z09/28/2021 at 00z
09/25/2021 at 1814z09/27/2021 at 12z
09/25/2021 at 0611z09/27/2021 at 00z
09/24/2021 at 1821z09/26/2021 at 12z
09/24/2021 at 0614z09/26/2021 at 00z
09/23/2021 at 1812z09/25/2021 at 12z
09/23/2021 at 0603z09/25/2021 at 00z
09/22/2021 at 1822z09/24/2021 at 12z
09/22/2021 at 0815z09/24/2021 at 00z
09/22/2021 at 0610z09/24/2021 at 00z
09/21/2021 at 1821z09/23/2021 at 12z
09/21/2021 at 0835z09/23/2021 at 00z
09/21/2021 at 0552z09/23/2021 at 00z
09/20/2021 at 1759z09/22/2021 at 12z
09/20/2021 at 0819z09/22/2021 at 00z
09/20/2021 at 0554z09/22/2021 at 00z
09/19/2021 at 1814z09/21/2021 at 12z
09/19/2021 at 0636z09/21/2021 at 00z
09/18/2021 at 1821z09/20/2021 at 12z
09/18/2021 at 0849z09/20/2021 at 00z
09/18/2021 at 0543z09/20/2021 at 00z
09/17/2021 at 2102z09/19/2021 at 12z
09/17/2021 at 1748z09/19/2021 at 12z
09/17/2021 at 0604z09/19/2021 at 00z
09/16/2021 at 2115z09/18/2021 at 12z
09/16/2021 at 1858z09/18/2021 at 12z
09/16/2021 at 0823z09/18/2021 at 00z
09/16/2021 at 0552z09/18/2021 at 00z
09/15/2021 at 1802z09/17/2021 at 12z
09/15/2021 at 0622z09/17/2021 at 00z
09/14/2021 at 2104z09/16/2021 at 12z
09/14/2021 at 1824z09/16/2021 at 12z
09/14/2021 at 0753z09/16/2021 at 00z
09/14/2021 at 0628z09/16/2021 at 00z
09/13/2021 at 2051z09/15/2021 at 12z
09/13/2021 at 1813z09/15/2021 at 12z
09/13/2021 at 0757z09/15/2021 at 00z
09/13/2021 at 0641z09/15/2021 at 00z
09/12/2021 at 2013z09/14/2021 at 12z
09/12/2021 at 1850z09/14/2021 at 12z
09/12/2021 at 0632z09/14/2021 at 00z
09/11/2021 at 1835z09/13/2021 at 12z
09/11/2021 at 0816z09/13/2021 at 00z
09/11/2021 at 0644z09/13/2021 at 00z
09/10/2021 at 2058z09/12/2021 at 12z
09/10/2021 at 1816z09/12/2021 at 12z
09/10/2021 at 0817z09/12/2021 at 00z
09/10/2021 at 0645z09/12/2021 at 00z
09/09/2021 at 2057z09/11/2021 at 12z
09/09/2021 at 1857z09/11/2021 at 12z
09/09/2021 at 0721z09/11/2021 at 00z
09/09/2021 at 0658z09/11/2021 at 00z

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