36-Hour Forecast

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These are the 36-hour surface prognostic charts that are currently available online from my prog charts archive.  Click any entry in the Issued Date column to see the desired chart image.

Issued DateValid Date
10/16/2023 at 0556z10/17/2023 at 12z
10/16/2023 at 0502z10/17/2023 at 12z
10/15/2023 at 1814z10/17/2023 at 00z
10/15/2023 at 0620z10/16/2023 at 12z
10/15/2023 at 0547z10/16/2023 at 12z
10/14/2023 at 1802z10/16/2023 at 00z
10/14/2023 at 0926z10/15/2023 at 12z
10/14/2023 at 0706z10/15/2023 at 12z
10/13/2023 at 1839z10/15/2023 at 00z
10/13/2023 at 0620z10/14/2023 at 12z
10/12/2023 at 1756z10/14/2023 at 00z
10/12/2023 at 0617z10/13/2023 at 12z
10/11/2023 at 1850z10/13/2023 at 00z
10/11/2023 at 0647z10/12/2023 at 12z
10/10/2023 at 1540z10/12/2023 at 00z
10/10/2023 at 0647z10/11/2023 at 12z
10/09/2023 at 1507z10/11/2023 at 00z
10/09/2023 at 0905z10/10/2023 at 12z
10/09/2023 at 0721z10/10/2023 at 12z
10/09/2023 at 0651z10/10/2023 at 12z
10/08/2023 at 1819z10/10/2023 at 00z
10/08/2023 at 0620z10/09/2023 at 12z
10/07/2023 at 1820z10/09/2023 at 00z
10/07/2023 at 0659z10/08/2023 at 12z
10/06/2023 at 2033z10/08/2023 at 00z
10/06/2023 at 1826z10/08/2023 at 00z
10/06/2023 at 0614z10/07/2023 at 12z
10/05/2023 at 1934z10/07/2023 at 00z
10/05/2023 at 1738z10/07/2023 at 00z
10/05/2023 at 0613z10/06/2023 at 12z
10/04/2023 at 1751z10/06/2023 at 00z
10/04/2023 at 0611z10/05/2023 at 12z
10/03/2023 at 1750z10/05/2023 at 00z
10/03/2023 at 0608z10/04/2023 at 12z
10/02/2023 at 1812z10/04/2023 at 00z
10/02/2023 at 0623z10/03/2023 at 12z
10/01/2023 at 1840z10/03/2023 at 00z
10/01/2023 at 0603z10/02/2023 at 12z
09/30/2023 at 1808z10/02/2023 at 00z
09/30/2023 at 0628z10/01/2023 at 12z
09/29/2023 at 1819z10/01/2023 at 00z
09/29/2023 at 0625z09/30/2023 at 12z
09/28/2023 at 1809z09/30/2023 at 00z
09/28/2023 at 0550z09/29/2023 at 12z
09/27/2023 at 1734z09/29/2023 at 00z
09/27/2023 at 0600z09/28/2023 at 12z
09/26/2023 at 1754z09/28/2023 at 00z
09/25/2023 at 1712z09/27/2023 at 00z
09/25/2023 at 0552z09/26/2023 at 12z
09/24/2023 at 1842z09/26/2023 at 00z
09/24/2023 at 0557z09/25/2023 at 12z
09/23/2023 at 2057z09/25/2023 at 00z
09/23/2023 at 1856z09/25/2023 at 00z
09/23/2023 at 0810z09/24/2023 at 12z
09/23/2023 at 0604z09/24/2023 at 12z
09/22/2023 at 2113z09/24/2023 at 00z
09/22/2023 at 1923z09/24/2023 at 00z
09/22/2023 at 1836z09/24/2023 at 00z
09/22/2023 at 0808z09/23/2023 at 12z
09/22/2023 at 0617z09/23/2023 at 12z
09/21/2023 at 2106z09/23/2023 at 00z
09/21/2023 at 1802z09/23/2023 at 00z
09/21/2023 at 0610z09/22/2023 at 12z
09/20/2023 at 1850z09/22/2023 at 00z
09/20/2023 at 0624z09/21/2023 at 12z
09/19/2023 at 1835z09/21/2023 at 00z
09/19/2023 at 0647z09/20/2023 at 12z
09/18/2023 at 1804z09/20/2023 at 00z
09/18/2023 at 0636z09/19/2023 at 12z
09/17/2023 at 1742z09/19/2023 at 00z
09/17/2023 at 0645z09/18/2023 at 12z
09/16/2023 at 1800z09/18/2023 at 00z
09/16/2023 at 0844z09/17/2023 at 12z
09/16/2023 at 0647z09/17/2023 at 12z
09/15/2023 at 2037z09/17/2023 at 00z
09/15/2023 at 1900z09/17/2023 at 00z
09/15/2023 at 0846z09/16/2023 at 12z
09/15/2023 at 0654z09/16/2023 at 12z
09/14/2023 at 2030z09/16/2023 at 00z
09/14/2023 at 1830z09/16/2023 at 00z
09/14/2023 at 0632z09/15/2023 at 12z
09/13/2023 at 1901z09/15/2023 at 00z
09/13/2023 at 0551z09/14/2023 at 12z
09/12/2023 at 1818z09/14/2023 at 00z
09/12/2023 at 0645z09/13/2023 at 12z
09/11/2023 at 1723z09/13/2023 at 00z
09/11/2023 at 0629z09/12/2023 at 12z
09/10/2023 at 1811z09/12/2023 at 00z
09/10/2023 at 0813z09/11/2023 at 12z
09/10/2023 at 0649z09/11/2023 at 12z
09/09/2023 at 1942z09/11/2023 at 00z
09/09/2023 at 1807z09/11/2023 at 00z
09/09/2023 at 0803z09/10/2023 at 12z
09/09/2023 at 0556z09/10/2023 at 12z
09/08/2023 at 1722z09/10/2023 at 00z
09/08/2023 at 0610z09/09/2023 at 12z
09/07/2023 at 1937z09/09/2023 at 00z
09/07/2023 at 1800z09/09/2023 at 00z
09/07/2023 at 0603z09/08/2023 at 12z
09/06/2023 at 1720z09/08/2023 at 00z

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