30-Hour Forecast

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These are the 30-hour surface prognostic charts that are currently available online from my prog charts archive.  Click any entry in the Issued Date column to see the desired chart image.

Issued DateValid Date
09/25/2022 at 2000z09/26/2022 at 18z
09/25/2022 at 1802z09/26/2022 at 18z
09/25/2022 at 0621z09/26/2022 at 06z
09/24/2022 at 0630z09/25/2022 at 06z
09/23/2022 at 2133z09/24/2022 at 18z
09/23/2022 at 1752z09/24/2022 at 18z
09/23/2022 at 0930z09/24/2022 at 06z
09/23/2022 at 0726z09/24/2022 at 06z
09/23/2022 at 0642z09/24/2022 at 06z
09/22/2022 at 1802z09/23/2022 at 18z
09/22/2022 at 0911z09/23/2022 at 06z
09/22/2022 at 0618z09/23/2022 at 06z
09/21/2022 at 1901z09/22/2022 at 18z
09/21/2022 at 1007z09/22/2022 at 06z
09/20/2022 at 1810z09/21/2022 at 18z
09/20/2022 at 0903z09/21/2022 at 06z
09/20/2022 at 0603z09/21/2022 at 06z
09/19/2022 at 2038z09/20/2022 at 18z
09/19/2022 at 1910z09/20/2022 at 18z
09/19/2022 at 0901z09/20/2022 at 06z
09/19/2022 at 0612z09/20/2022 at 06z
09/18/2022 at 1731z09/19/2022 at 18z
09/18/2022 at 0905z09/19/2022 at 06z
09/18/2022 at 0637z09/19/2022 at 06z
09/17/2022 at 1859z09/18/2022 at 18z
09/17/2022 at 0909z09/18/2022 at 06z
09/17/2022 at 0523z09/18/2022 at 06z
09/16/2022 at 1908z09/17/2022 at 18z
09/16/2022 at 0600z09/17/2022 at 06z
09/15/2022 at 1910z09/16/2022 at 18z
09/15/2022 at 0332z09/16/2022 at 06z
09/14/2022 at 1806z09/15/2022 at 18z
09/14/2022 at 0342z09/15/2022 at 06z
09/13/2022 at 1903z09/14/2022 at 18z
09/13/2022 at 0534z09/14/2022 at 06z
09/12/2022 at 1744z09/13/2022 at 18z
09/12/2022 at 0458z09/13/2022 at 06z
09/11/2022 at 1820z09/12/2022 at 18z
09/11/2022 at 0514z09/12/2022 at 06z
09/10/2022 at 1840z09/11/2022 at 18z
09/10/2022 at 0834z09/11/2022 at 06z
09/10/2022 at 0430z09/11/2022 at 06z
09/09/2022 at 1740z09/10/2022 at 18z
09/09/2022 at 0905z09/10/2022 at 06z
09/09/2022 at 0833z09/10/2022 at 06z
09/09/2022 at 0503z09/10/2022 at 06z
09/08/2022 at 2115z09/09/2022 at 18z
09/08/2022 at 1839z09/09/2022 at 18z
09/08/2022 at 0814z09/09/2022 at 06z
09/08/2022 at 0620z09/09/2022 at 06z
09/07/2022 at 2050z09/08/2022 at 18z
09/07/2022 at 1857z09/08/2022 at 18z
09/07/2022 at 0808z09/08/2022 at 06z
09/07/2022 at 0612z09/08/2022 at 06z
09/06/2022 at 1837z09/07/2022 at 18z
09/06/2022 at 0603z09/07/2022 at 06z
09/05/2022 at 1817z09/06/2022 at 18z
09/05/2022 at 0606z09/06/2022 at 06z
09/04/2022 at 1839z09/05/2022 at 18z
09/04/2022 at 0558z09/05/2022 at 06z
09/03/2022 at 2057z09/04/2022 at 18z
09/03/2022 at 1857z09/04/2022 at 18z
09/03/2022 at 0741z09/04/2022 at 06z
09/03/2022 at 0611z09/04/2022 at 06z
09/02/2022 at 2003z09/03/2022 at 18z
09/02/2022 at 1553z09/03/2022 at 18z
09/02/2022 at 0753z09/03/2022 at 06z
09/02/2022 at 0616z09/03/2022 at 06z
09/01/2022 at 2105z09/02/2022 at 18z
09/01/2022 at 1900z09/02/2022 at 18z
09/01/2022 at 0702z09/02/2022 at 06z
08/31/2022 at 1804z09/01/2022 at 18z
08/31/2022 at 0703z09/01/2022 at 06z
08/30/2022 at 1808z08/31/2022 at 18z
08/30/2022 at 0659z08/31/2022 at 06z
08/29/2022 at 1625z08/30/2022 at 18z
08/29/2022 at 0639z08/30/2022 at 06z
08/28/2022 at 1603z08/29/2022 at 18z
08/28/2022 at 0704z08/29/2022 at 06z
08/27/2022 at 1802z08/28/2022 at 18z
08/27/2022 at 0702z08/28/2022 at 06z
08/26/2022 at 1820z08/27/2022 at 18z
08/26/2022 at 0637z08/27/2022 at 06z
08/25/2022 at 1745z08/26/2022 at 18z
08/25/2022 at 0607z08/26/2022 at 06z
08/24/2022 at 1830z08/25/2022 at 18z
08/24/2022 at 0605z08/25/2022 at 06z
08/23/2022 at 1658z08/24/2022 at 18z
08/23/2022 at 0605z08/24/2022 at 06z
08/22/2022 at 1655z08/23/2022 at 18z
08/22/2022 at 0611z08/23/2022 at 06z
08/21/2022 at 1546z08/22/2022 at 18z
08/21/2022 at 0622z08/22/2022 at 06z
08/20/2022 at 1801z08/21/2022 at 18z
08/20/2022 at 0901z08/21/2022 at 06z
08/20/2022 at 0623z08/21/2022 at 06z
08/19/2022 at 2015z08/20/2022 at 18z
08/19/2022 at 1757z08/20/2022 at 18z
08/19/2022 at 0548z08/20/2022 at 06z
08/18/2022 at 1859z08/19/2022 at 18z

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