18-Hour Forecast

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These are the 18-hour surface prognostic charts that are currently available online from my prog charts archive.  Click any entry in the Issued Date column to see the desired chart image.

Issued DateValid Date
01/27/2022 at 1530z01/28/2022 at 06z
01/27/2022 at 0429z01/27/2022 at 18z
01/26/2022 at 1534z01/27/2022 at 06z
01/26/2022 at 0431z01/26/2022 at 18z
01/25/2022 at 1545z01/26/2022 at 06z
01/25/2022 at 0422z01/25/2022 at 18z
01/24/2022 at 1715z01/25/2022 at 06z
01/24/2022 at 0421z01/24/2022 at 18z
01/23/2022 at 1518z01/24/2022 at 06z
01/23/2022 at 0519z01/23/2022 at 18z
01/23/2022 at 0428z01/23/2022 at 18z
01/22/2022 at 1522z01/23/2022 at 06z
01/22/2022 at 0429z01/22/2022 at 18z
01/21/2022 at 1552z01/22/2022 at 06z
01/21/2022 at 0440z01/21/2022 at 18z
01/20/2022 at 1543z01/21/2022 at 06z
01/20/2022 at 0403z01/20/2022 at 18z
01/19/2022 at 1558z01/20/2022 at 06z
01/19/2022 at 0406z01/19/2022 at 18z
01/18/2022 at 1617z01/19/2022 at 06z
01/18/2022 at 0410z01/18/2022 at 18z
01/17/2022 at 1645z01/18/2022 at 06z
01/17/2022 at 0403z01/17/2022 at 18z
01/16/2022 at 1632z01/17/2022 at 06z
01/16/2022 at 0353z01/16/2022 at 18z
01/15/2022 at 1630z01/16/2022 at 06z
01/15/2022 at 0401z01/15/2022 at 18z
01/14/2022 at 1632z01/15/2022 at 06z
01/14/2022 at 0415z01/14/2022 at 18z
01/13/2022 at 1632z01/14/2022 at 06z
01/13/2022 at 0337z01/13/2022 at 18z
01/12/2022 at 1602z01/13/2022 at 06z
01/12/2022 at 0338z01/12/2022 at 18z
01/11/2022 at 1550z01/12/2022 at 06z
01/11/2022 at 0345z01/11/2022 at 18z
01/10/2022 at 1631z01/11/2022 at 06z
01/10/2022 at 0355z01/10/2022 at 18z
01/09/2022 at 1620z01/10/2022 at 06z
01/09/2022 at 0357z01/09/2022 at 18z
01/08/2022 at 1620z01/09/2022 at 06z
01/08/2022 at 0346z01/08/2022 at 18z
01/07/2022 at 1625z01/08/2022 at 06z
01/07/2022 at 0400z01/07/2022 at 18z
01/06/2022 at 1615z01/07/2022 at 06z
01/06/2022 at 0415z01/06/2022 at 18z
01/05/2022 at 1629z01/06/2022 at 06z
01/05/2022 at 0319z01/05/2022 at 18z
01/04/2022 at 1632z01/05/2022 at 06z
01/04/2022 at 0551z01/04/2022 at 18z
01/03/2022 at 1557z01/04/2022 at 06z
01/03/2022 at 0309z01/03/2022 at 18z
01/02/2022 at 1624z01/03/2022 at 06z
01/02/2022 at 0410z01/02/2022 at 18z
01/01/2022 at 1608z01/02/2022 at 06z
01/01/2022 at 0419z01/01/2022 at 18z
12/31/2021 at 1610z01/01/2022 at 06z
12/31/2021 at 0234z12/31/2021 at 18z
12/30/2021 at 1618z12/31/2021 at 06z
12/30/2021 at 0349z12/30/2021 at 18z
12/29/2021 at 1630z12/30/2021 at 06z
12/29/2021 at 0349z12/29/2021 at 18z
12/28/2021 at 1631z12/29/2021 at 06z
12/28/2021 at 0347z12/28/2021 at 18z
12/27/2021 at 1621z12/28/2021 at 06z
12/27/2021 at 0354z12/27/2021 at 18z
12/26/2021 at 1628z12/27/2021 at 06z
12/26/2021 at 0458z12/26/2021 at 18z
12/25/2021 at 1534z12/26/2021 at 06z
12/25/2021 at 0320z12/25/2021 at 18z
12/24/2021 at 1624z12/25/2021 at 06z
12/24/2021 at 0335z12/24/2021 at 18z
12/23/2021 at 1558z12/24/2021 at 06z
12/23/2021 at 0352z12/23/2021 at 18z
12/22/2021 at 1553z12/23/2021 at 06z
12/22/2021 at 0442z12/22/2021 at 18z
12/21/2021 at 1607z12/22/2021 at 06z
12/21/2021 at 0432z12/21/2021 at 18z
12/20/2021 at 1602z12/21/2021 at 06z
12/20/2021 at 0448z12/20/2021 at 18z
12/19/2021 at 1542z12/20/2021 at 06z
12/19/2021 at 0432z12/19/2021 at 18z
12/18/2021 at 1542z12/19/2021 at 06z
12/18/2021 at 0459z12/18/2021 at 18z
12/18/2021 at 0448z12/18/2021 at 18z
12/17/2021 at 1535z12/18/2021 at 06z
12/17/2021 at 0431z12/17/2021 at 18z
12/16/2021 at 1536z12/17/2021 at 06z
12/16/2021 at 0400z12/16/2021 at 18z
12/15/2021 at 1605z12/16/2021 at 06z
12/15/2021 at 0353z12/15/2021 at 18z
12/14/2021 at 1538z12/15/2021 at 06z
12/14/2021 at 0405z12/14/2021 at 18z
12/13/2021 at 1603z12/14/2021 at 06z
12/13/2021 at 0409z12/13/2021 at 18z
12/12/2021 at 1529z12/13/2021 at 06z
12/12/2021 at 0403z12/12/2021 at 18z
12/11/2021 at 1527z12/12/2021 at 06z
12/11/2021 at 0402z12/11/2021 at 18z
12/10/2021 at 1631z12/11/2021 at 06z
12/10/2021 at 0407z12/10/2021 at 18z

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