18-Hour Forecast

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These are the 18-hour surface prognostic charts that are currently available online from my prog charts archive.  Click any entry in the Issued Date column to see the desired chart image.

Issued DateValid Date
10/18/2021 at 0356z10/18/2021 at 18z
10/17/2021 at 1525z10/18/2021 at 06z
10/17/2021 at 0345z10/17/2021 at 18z
10/16/2021 at 1535z10/17/2021 at 06z
10/16/2021 at 0338z10/16/2021 at 18z
10/15/2021 at 1619z10/16/2021 at 06z
10/15/2021 at 0335z10/15/2021 at 18z
10/14/2021 at 1539z10/15/2021 at 06z
10/14/2021 at 0622z10/14/2021 at 18z
10/14/2021 at 0431z10/14/2021 at 18z
10/13/2021 at 1953z10/14/2021 at 06z
10/13/2021 at 1557z10/14/2021 at 06z
10/13/2021 at 0435z10/13/2021 at 18z
10/12/2021 at 2220z10/13/2021 at 06z
10/12/2021 at 2014z10/13/2021 at 06z
10/12/2021 at 1608z10/13/2021 at 06z
10/12/2021 at 0551z10/12/2021 at 18z
10/12/2021 at 0440z10/12/2021 at 18z
10/11/2021 at 1531z10/12/2021 at 06z
10/11/2021 at 0430z10/11/2021 at 18z
10/10/2021 at 1548z10/11/2021 at 06z
10/10/2021 at 0431z10/10/2021 at 18z
10/09/2021 at 1539z10/10/2021 at 06z
10/09/2021 at 0431z10/09/2021 at 18z
10/08/2021 at 1549z10/09/2021 at 06z
10/08/2021 at 0449z10/08/2021 at 18z
10/07/2021 at 1539z10/08/2021 at 06z
10/07/2021 at 0402z10/07/2021 at 18z
10/06/2021 at 1547z10/07/2021 at 06z
10/06/2021 at 0431z10/06/2021 at 18z
10/05/2021 at 1548z10/06/2021 at 06z
10/05/2021 at 0403z10/05/2021 at 18z
10/04/2021 at 1641z10/05/2021 at 06z
10/04/2021 at 0423z10/04/2021 at 18z
10/03/2021 at 1613z10/04/2021 at 06z
10/03/2021 at 0401z10/03/2021 at 18z
10/02/2021 at 1608z10/03/2021 at 06z
10/02/2021 at 0401z10/02/2021 at 18z
10/01/2021 at 1622z10/02/2021 at 06z
10/01/2021 at 0417z10/01/2021 at 18z
09/30/2021 at 1616z10/01/2021 at 06z
09/30/2021 at 0350z09/30/2021 at 18z
09/29/2021 at 1627z09/30/2021 at 06z
09/29/2021 at 0349z09/29/2021 at 18z
09/28/2021 at 1624z09/29/2021 at 06z
09/28/2021 at 0334z09/28/2021 at 18z
09/27/2021 at 1610z09/28/2021 at 06z
09/27/2021 at 0336z09/27/2021 at 18z
09/26/2021 at 1616z09/27/2021 at 06z
09/26/2021 at 0330z09/26/2021 at 18z
09/25/2021 at 2051z09/26/2021 at 06z
09/25/2021 at 1625z09/26/2021 at 06z
09/25/2021 at 0335z09/25/2021 at 18z
09/24/2021 at 1602z09/25/2021 at 06z
09/24/2021 at 0352z09/24/2021 at 18z
09/23/2021 at 1612z09/24/2021 at 06z
09/23/2021 at 0347z09/23/2021 at 18z
09/22/2021 at 1522z09/23/2021 at 06z
09/22/2021 at 0810z09/22/2021 at 18z
09/22/2021 at 0437z09/22/2021 at 18z
09/21/2021 at 1558z09/22/2021 at 06z
09/21/2021 at 0831z09/21/2021 at 18z
09/21/2021 at 0345z09/21/2021 at 18z
09/20/2021 at 1619z09/21/2021 at 06z
09/20/2021 at 0336z09/20/2021 at 18z
09/19/2021 at 1616z09/20/2021 at 06z
09/19/2021 at 0331z09/19/2021 at 18z
09/18/2021 at 1619z09/19/2021 at 06z
09/18/2021 at 0844z09/18/2021 at 18z
09/18/2021 at 0343z09/18/2021 at 18z
09/17/2021 at 2058z09/18/2021 at 06z
09/17/2021 at 1530z09/18/2021 at 06z
09/17/2021 at 0844z09/17/2021 at 18z
09/17/2021 at 0332z09/17/2021 at 18z
09/16/2021 at 2105z09/17/2021 at 06z
09/16/2021 at 1550z09/17/2021 at 06z
09/16/2021 at 0839z09/16/2021 at 18z
09/16/2021 at 0400z09/16/2021 at 18z
09/16/2021 at 0343z09/16/2021 at 18z
09/15/2021 at 1607z09/16/2021 at 06z
09/15/2021 at 0343z09/15/2021 at 18z
09/14/2021 at 2058z09/15/2021 at 06z
09/14/2021 at 1611z09/15/2021 at 06z
09/14/2021 at 0746z09/14/2021 at 18z
09/14/2021 at 0315z09/14/2021 at 18z
09/13/2021 at 2047z09/14/2021 at 06z
09/13/2021 at 1546z09/14/2021 at 06z
09/13/2021 at 0751z09/13/2021 at 18z
09/13/2021 at 0328z09/13/2021 at 18z
09/12/2021 at 2009z09/13/2021 at 06z
09/12/2021 at 1608z09/13/2021 at 06z
09/12/2021 at 0332z09/12/2021 at 18z
09/11/2021 at 1547z09/12/2021 at 06z
09/11/2021 at 0811z09/11/2021 at 18z
09/11/2021 at 0334z09/11/2021 at 18z
09/10/2021 at 2051z09/11/2021 at 06z
09/10/2021 at 1608z09/11/2021 at 06z
09/10/2021 at 0811z09/10/2021 at 18z
09/10/2021 at 0324z09/10/2021 at 18z
09/09/2021 at 2046z09/10/2021 at 06z

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