Airlines Still Selling Boeing MAX Tickets

Robert Chapin

Southwest Airlines 737 MAX Tickets

More than three months after the accidents and worldwide emergency grounding of Boeing’s 737 MAX airplane model, airlines in the USA are still selling tickets to fly on these airplanes.  This contradictory market for disreputable flights exists amid frequent press releases about rolling cancellations of the same flights month after month.  Why are these airplanes still scheduled at all?  Are these airlines in such a hurry to have the 737 MAX return to service that they will honor these tickets the moment the government allows it?

Yesterday, the FAA announced that they “recently found a potential risk that Boeing must mitigate.”  This has been widely reported with alarmist spin as a “new” safety concern that will delay the 737 MAX certification review.  However, no official source actually described the risk as “new” or otherwise unique from the original design flaws.  Boeing described the risk as “a specific condition of flight, which the planned software changes do not presently address.”  Some of the more sober news articles later this afternoon described the specific condition as a stabilizer trim runaway in which the manual electric trim switches are unresponsive or slow due to a computer malfunction.  Travelers and industry experts alike must consider this as an ongoing process that may have revealed more information about the original design, rather than creating new or worse problems.

United Airlines 737 MAX Tickets

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27 Jun 2019

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